Motivational speaker Andy Rosas is on a mission to help people live the life of their dreams

Andy Rosas was born to be an inspirational role model. This young motivational speaker has had his share of ups and downs, but he continues to press on. The videos he posts daily on social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram, are helping many people improve their lives and their self esteems.

Andy was born and raised in Los Angeles, California to Uruguayan parents.

“Vamos Charruas” –the Indians of Uruguay are called this and it is what their soccer team is known as”, Rosas says proudly.

He attended Miami Sunset High School and later went on to Florida Atlantic University where he played Division I football.

He has always had a huge interest in soccer and football. But a sport that he currently plays and has grown obsessed with is golf.

“Golf reminds me of my college football days when I was a kicker, where everything relies on my foot. You either make it or you don’t, and golf has that type of pressure in it – where the outcome is all about what YOU do – just like life. ”

 He loves to connect with people, too.

“I also love saying hi and speaking to random strangers to just connect – to randomly brighten their day or simply to be a part of their life for a brief moment, even if the encounter goes sour. You never know what your “kind touch” of acknowledgement can do to a life. I have always had this deep desire, so I guess it’s no surprise I do what I do for a living.”  

Andy and Michael Manrique, his business partner, founded the True Success Academy. They hold seminars across the country to help people improve all areas of their life.

In his own words Andy describes why they decided to partner up and create the Academy.

“Our motto is ‘Discover , Create, Become – the person you were meant to be’. At True Success Academy our goal is to be the one program that people can use for the rest of their life to live the life of their dreams. A game-plan for life. Not many people have the time to read all of these self improvement books and go to all the self improvement seminars. So Mike and I developed a program where we gather all the information out there (from studies, experts, research, etc.) on self improvement topics such as: -relationships, finding your passion, finding happiness, being present, having meaning, creating a winning culture in your organization, being more productive, and put it on one SIMPLE, SPECIFIC and SCIENCE backed program. That’s what True Success Academy is.”

Like any new venture, the road to finally making True Success Academy was not easy. Andy was very sincere when we asked him how he and Michael came up with this idea.

“We failed. And we failed bad. And that’s how we got started. We bounced back from the darkest moments in our life and told each other: hey, I am sure we are not the only ones with these issues and so let’s research everything out there on self improvement and put it into ONE SIMPLE, SPECIFIC AND SCIENCE BACKED PROGRAM.”

Andy tells us how he and Mike met and how they decided to form this partnership.

“Mike and I went to high school together.  We played football and badminton  together – yes badminton! And we were Miami-Dade county champs baby! After playing college football and realizing my dreams to make the NFL were not going to happen. I started working for a large seminar company. I worked my way up the seminar world and not only became a speaker, but I worked for one of the most popular companies in the USA. I traveled the world giving seminars in multiple languages, multiple properties, and I drove fancy cars and wore expensive watches. I was living the dream. So I thought. The problem was I placed meaning on “things” as opposed to having that from “within”. So when the economy crashed in 2007-2008 I lost it all. Not just all my “things”, but I lost myself. Depression, drugs, and suicidal thoughts – these were now my reality. A few social workers and seeing psychologists – that became my new life, and yeah, it sucked!”

“After this darkness I slowly started coming out and analyzing what the heck happened to me. Mike went down the family route. He got married, had a kid, and had a house. He even had a dog. All was well for him, too. And then in a blink of an eye, he and his wife separated and he became a single dad overnight. He was lost. At this point Mike reached out to me and he crashed on my couch for a few months to get his emotional life and his financial stuff together. This is the genesis of True Success Academy. Here is where Mike and I got together and said, ‘Dude, let’s share our stories of struggle and our rise, so we can serve as an example to many’.”

“So we spent five years in the laboratory developing our framework, going to seminars, reading books, researching case studies, and more, to make this self improvement world easy to use and implement. So someone from A to Z has a game plan to “Discover, Create, Become – the person you were meant to be” in their personal and professional life.”

Andy has spoken professionally for over 10 years. He has spoken all across the world helping thousands of people achieve True Success. His audience has ranged from the corporate training of various Fortune 500 companies to real estate seminars for TV show investors featured on A&E channel’s ‘Flip this House’, to self-improvement talks to audiences of all ages. 

Michael Manrique is a life consultant with a strong focus on relationships and personal development. He has spent the last 10 years managing people and businesses, while creating innovative strategies to connect people and help businesses grow. 

Some of the most memorable speaking engagements that Andy has had are those in  New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico City where there were crowds of thousands of people.

“The energy in those rooms was amazing! And speaking in Mexico in Spanish was twice as amazing as I did the event in Spanish, which was one of my first Spanish presentations. I also really enjoy the board room meetings, speaking to executives of Fortune 500 companies. Speaking to such powerful and smart people is a rush when they adapt my company concepts.”

We asked Andy what is his ultimate dream or goal that he wants to achieve in his lifetime.

“My favorite audience is helping out the youth. So my ultimate plan involves teaching kids about confidence, poisonous thoughts, emotional control, positive psychology, mindfulness, goal setting, and productivity. It’s pretty much all of self improvement- so kids don’t need weapons and drugs for validation. So they can deal with rejection and not resort to suicide, etc. We need to have these talks early to our kids and unfortunately our current school system does not do this. Along with managing money, investing, budgeting, etc. So I will either get into politics to make this happen, or create my own school programs (charter schools) to impact the world.”

What is Andy’s advice to someone who has lost hope and who feels their life has passed them by?

“You are not alone! And it’s never too late to become who you were created to be! We are not taught in school how to truly live with passion and purpose. But that’s not an excuse to just give up. Get a game plan dammit! Fight for your life back! Go and get back in track.”

When you register for the True Success Academy you can expect to receive a lot of free content on the  site when you subscribe. Their social media sites also have more free content. They also have a 5-week program available to purchase, which gives you a complete and simple game plan to live the life of your dreams. “

And Andy is proud to announce that they will have a book coming out on Fall 2017. That should be a remarkable read.

Here is a final word of encouragement from Andy Rosas to everyone who is reading this:

“Remember, YOU are more than enough. Do not let your current circumstance or circle of influence convince you that you are not. Oh and also, life doesn’t suck, YOU do! Get a game plan. Educate yourself. Be more and do more. And if you don’t know how, you know where to go. But please, NEVER give up! It can all shift with a decision, a decision you need to make.  And one last thing – I want to thank God, my parents, my brother, my best friend and business partner Mike, and everyone along my path (good and bad) that have made me the person I am today. That definitely includes you Ruben Soto – you are a light warrior and people like us need to keep shining light in any way we can in a world of darkness.”



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