CEO Margie Santos has a powerful vision for Synergy Network Worldwide

Everyone has goals and dreams that they hope to accomplish in their lifetime, but only a few people ever attain them. Margie Santos is one of those few who achieved both of these when she decided to create Synergy Network Worldwide and become its CEO.

The idea for founding this company came to Margie after she spent fifteen years with her previous company – Resumes to Christ – where she helped her friends, her family, and her community with writing their resumes. Her love of writing started from when she was first learning to write as a child. Eventually, Margie realized that she enjoyed seeing her words come to life, as well as providing services to help everyone.

“In my search of trying to promote my resume business, there was a lack of faith networking for small businesses in my area. It started as a networking group on Facebook one day, then I went on into making events, and now we are developing ten departments to help promote faith-inspired talents around the world.”

She decided to use the word Synergy because she fell in love with its meaning as she explains it “united for a good cause…support is a huge thing and we need to unite”. One dictionary defines it as:
“the combined power of a group of things when they are working together that is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately”.

Margie was born and raised in Queens, New York and her parents are Lucy and Roy Serrano (stepfather). She grew up in a small neighborhood called Richmond Hill where most of her childhood memories were rooted. She has an older sister Diana and a younger brother Ash. Margie always had a passion for writing as a child, and English was her favorite subject. She attended Richmond Hill High School where she furthered developed her love and passion for writing, and later on pursued college credits in Business Administration.

Margie started Synergy Network Worldwide with the intention to help small businesses, artists, and authors promote their products and services. The group on Facebook already has over 20,000 members.

eTrendingNews asked Margie Santos why should entrepreneurs, artists and authors consider signing up with Synergy Network Worldwide?

“In only 1.5 years Synergy has had a rapid growth, we now have over 20K followers and the Memberships are increasing daily. We have been on the several media outlets such as The Arts Interview TV Show in the Hudson Valley and RadioVision Cristiana. We will come out in the June issue of the very prestigious Spanish magazine Subete La Arca.

The cost to become a member of the different divisions is very accessible to most people. With the membership you will receive valuable services such as a custom flyer featured on the Synergy weekly newsletter, marketing on all of Synergy’s social media sites, you will be featured on the Synergy Radio Worldwide Show, and on the Synergy Online magazine.

Synergy Network Worldwide offers the following memberships:
Synergy Business Membership, Authors Club Membership, Media Group Membership. Synergy Management Group Membership, Synergy Media Group and the newest division is Synergy Worldwide Events.

The first author event features Rev. Dr. Raymond Rivera presenting his new book Liberty to the Captives.

Margie recently became a Community Chaplain for the NYSCTF, she acts as a Ministry Manager for various Artists, and she is the Marketing Director for The Good News Hangout. Her passion is always to help people expose and execute their God-given talents to reach and change the world.

Currently she is working on opening and expanding into various departments which will provide more services to small businesses and artists that need exposure.

Margie Santos is certainly using her God-given talents to their fullest, and her powerful vision to create Synergy Network Worldwide will help many small businesses, artists and authors become successful as well.

Synergy Consulting Worldwide is founded on this key bible verse:

Jeremiah 29:11 says ” For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Margie’s advice for those who want to pursue their own dreams and goals:
“Follow your vision and goals with passion, do things with a good heart and my greatest advice is to always put God first, and you will never be last.”

For more information about Synergy Network Worldwide you can visit the website:


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