Alberto Saucedo is proof that you are never too old to set new goals

Alberto Saucedo is a role model for many people who are over 50 years old. This bodybuilding enthusiast has won several championships and most of these he won after he turned 50.

He focused again on becoming fit and healthier when he was past 40 years old. His is an amazing story of how our thinking and focus can change our life in an instant.

However, Alberto is also a renowned artist/sculptor who studied at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and he later studied Commercial Art and Interior Design at San Diego City College in California. He was also a football player there and helped the team to a winning season. While at the college he also became infatuated with sculptor Francisco Zuniga and became his student.

Alberto playing football in college

He is proud that amongst his clients who have purchased his art work are Arnold Schwarzenegger and actress Rita Moreno.

Although Alberto has been focusing on his art business lately, he is preparing for a comeback into bodybuilding in the near future. We are very honored to have interviewed him and to see how he blends his love for both bodybuilding and art.

Alberto taking time to relax

To start out, please tell us briefly about your background, where you were born, where you went to school, your family, your hobbies or interests, anything else that you want to share with the readers.

I was born in Mexico City in 1960 and I left when I was 19 to San Diego to pursue football in the local college. My father was a football star in Mexico and he was known as “La Muñeca” because of his good looks. He was the best quarterback that ever played in Mexico. My mother was the daughter of General Miguel Henriquez Guzman who ran for president of Mexico in 1952 and he financed his own campaign. She was a beautiful woman with hazel green eyes.

Unfortunately, my father got Parkison’s Disease when he was just 40 years old, and due to his complications with this my parents separated soon after that.

I grew up with a love for the arts, thanks to my mother. She supported my interest in the arts and she also had an appreciation for good music. She influenced me in such a special way that I eventually took a special liking for the arts. Her father was a multimillionaire and thus she had a great upbringing, always surrounded with the finer things in life.

My father’s mother was Carmen Guerrero, a Mexican actress. So as you can see I inherited my passion for being artistic from both sides of the family.

My wife is Claudia L. Carnevale and her family roots are from Italy. Her family moved to Mexico where Claudia was born.  Claudia has always enjoyed being and working out at the gym, and both her father and uncle were bodybuilders. She is a biologist, and her mother is a geneticist who has been awarded the Woman of the Year in Science in Mexico. I have three beautiful daughters – Alessandra, Gina Maria, and Sophia who I love very much. They each have their own personalities and likings.

Alberto in a bodybuilding competition

You have been a competitor as a bodybuilder in various NPC competitions. How and why did you get started?

I had always worked out and then one day I started to realize that I was becoming out of shape. It was at that point that I started working out hard.

I recall that when I was 29 years old I started lifting weights, and I became huge weighing 260 lbs. I was focusing on my art business and I became complacent with my body as the years went by. Suddenly, I saw myself being completely out of shape.

So at the age of 45, I started hitting the weights again. I noticed that my muscles were growing again and my body was reacting, and I started getting a good physique. Then somebody asked me why I didn’t start competing and I took their advice. At 48 years old I won the “Masters Over 40” competition and from then I jumped into the NPC.  In my first NPC competition I placed next to last place, and that made me take it more serious.

Alberto training and working out hard

What kind of training does it take to be a competitor in these events?

You have to be completely focused in everything you do in order to compete. This will enable you to concentrate on how you look on stage 100%. Sometimes you have to work out twice a day. You have to do more than you are willing to do. I started listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger and I followed his advice. I also was fortunate to meet him in person when he was filming in Mexico. I also worked with Sylvester Stallone when he was filming one of the Rambo movies. These two bodybuilding greats were my role models.

So it takes commitment and hard work. You have to balance your personal and work life around all of this.  You have to overcome adversities in life. It’s all in your mind.

I also want to mention that I have been fortunate to work at GNC for seven years. This has given me a complete knowledge about nutrition and how to stay fit and healthy.

 Is there a special diet that you followed to stay fit and ready to compete?

Absolutely. You have to look at your body as if were a racing car. You have to give it the best fuels so that it can perform at its best. You have to supplement it adequately and with a healthy diet. I also took multivitamins, oils, essential oils, protein, and other things like creatine and amino acids. Food alone does not give you enough to supplement your body for bodybuilding competition.

You can eat a steak, rice, salmon, nuts, avocadoes, olive oil and fish oils since your body needs all of this. You do need to watch the omega 6 found in certain steaks since it is not good for you.

However, salmon, tuna, and anchovies are all good for you. They are good sources of omega.

The trophies and awards that Alberto has won in Bodybuilding 

What exactly are the judges looking for to determine the winners?

It is very subjective. You are comparing apples to apples. Their final decision can be based on the strength of the competitor when they are walking. Usually, the one who is most symmetrical with muscle separation and depths, and the one who is the biggest is declared the winner. Sometimes, the determining factor could be who weighs the most. The personalities can also be to your advantage since sponsors are looking for models to represent their brands. If you’re commercial material – if you have the looks and a great personality – it could be the reason to be chosen as the winner.

What would your advice be to someone that wants to start competing as a bodybuilder?

No matter what age you are, you have to focus on the training I spoke about earlier. But if you are older – competing in the over 40 or 50 category – then you have to focus even more and increase your size. It’s harder as you get older. Everything about you is getting older and you have feed your body correctly, sleep well, and don’t stress out.

You have to learn to overcome stress and know how to deal with pain. Believe and overcome.

As long as you are committed and you believe in yourself – this will lead you to success – no matter your past exercise regime.

Alberto posing as a boxer for a photo session

Since you first started competing, have you seen major changes in the bodybuilding industry?

Yes, The guys are bigger and more supplements available than when I started. Aesthetics were the highest focus in the 1970s and 1980s and I currently see a return to this again. You see it in the new categories of the Physique division – smaller waist and symmetry. These guys who are competing in this division can become models.

What were some the most rewarding achievements you had as a bodybuilder?

For certain it was winning at the Lackland NPC competition in 2015. Not only did I win, but also my wife Claudia, my brother in law, and my father in law. It was a huge win for our entire family. And to top it off, our good friend Leonor presented us with the awards. That was a very memorable event for me.

You competed in the over 50 year-old category several times and were very successful. Are you still competing?

For the time being I am taking some time away from it, but I am preparing myself to start competing again when I turn 60.

Alberto working on creating one of his masterpieces

On another note, you are also an artist and have been focusing more on this lately. Tell us more about it.

I am a sculptor/artist since I draw paintings and I sculpt. Once I drew over 200 bass relieves for a company and I have sold many of my paintings. Arnold Schwarzenegger bought one of my sculpts – a woman sitting – and actress Rita Moreno has one like it, too.  Eventually, I want to have my own studio and teach students. I was a professor for a while teaching figurative drawing and sculpting and I would love to do it again.

A young Alberto working on a painting

What is your next goal or challenge?

Besides having my family and spending quality time with them  – it would be focusing my art business as I previously stated and bodybuilding to compete when I am 60.  And also focusing on fitness and become an intellectual artist.

I want to do my best in this life – some people want to wait for heaven- but I want to do it now.

Any final message that you want to share with the readers? 

Never give up on your dreams. Never listen to negative people and don’t allow anyone to tell you no. Keep pushing hard and believe.


Some facts about Alberto Saucedo

Age: 56

City and state: San Antonio, Texas

Profession: Sculptor/Artist

Your mission statement: “Be yourself and have the freedom to pick the good choices in life. Be honest and true to yourself.”

Instagram: albertosaucedo1551



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